How I Recovered from a COVID Vaccine Injury


One hot summer day in 2021, I got my second Moderna Covid-19 vaccine shot. Per the official CDC information, I expected “1 to 3 days” of mild discomfort. I was surprised to find the side effects hit me extremely hard and were very persistent. I suffered from a vaccine injury with debilitating fatigue and brain fog lasting for over 5 months after the injection. I suffered the following symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Post-exertional malaise
  • Shortness of breath
  • Brain fog
  • Hair loss

I also lost a lot of muscle from being homebound and unable to exercise. After visiting 8 different doctors and clinics, thousands of dollars worth of supplements, hundreds of hours of studying — I was eventually above to recover!

In this post, I will tell you everything I know about the key interventions that helped me the most:

  • EB02 – blood ozone therapy
  • IV Vitamin C infusions
  • IV NAD+ Infusion
  • Statin drugs
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Low Dose Ivermectin
  • Intermittent Fasting & Water Fasting
  • Intensive natural supplement therapy (Dr. Bens’ Cellular Repair Program)
  • Low Histamine Diet
  • Wim Hof Breathing
  • Brain Retraining & Positive Thinking

    Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is medical advice, it is just my own personal notes about my own personal experience! Your injury or illness could be different than mine. ALWAYS ask your doctor before trying any new treatment or supplements.

Post-vaccine Syndrome & Long Haul COVID = Vascular Inflammation

mRNA in the vaccine instructs your body’s cells to make spike proteins: functional replicas of the pointy, damaging “spears” on the outside of the COVID virus. This simulates a COVID viral attack. As your immune system activates, the spike protein gets broken down and “eaten up” by white blood cells called monocytes. Normally, monocytes die within a couple of weeks, max. According long COVID specialists Dr. Bruce Patterson and Dr. Ram Yogendra, in some unlucky COVID(vaccine)-exposed patients, they can live for up to 15 months and become Frankenstein-like cells called “non-classical monocytes.” These abnormal monocytes can create inflammation, micro blood clots, damage & havoc inside your blood vessels!

Dr. Patterson’s group treats long haul and post-vaccine syndrome with drugs like pravastatin, maraviroc, prednisone & aspirin.

  • Statins keep the monocytes from adhering to the blood vessel walls and significantly hasten their demise. The downside is that statins weaken muscle and block the body’s natural synthesis of CoQ10.
  • Marvaviroc supposedly “resets” the immune system by forcing the monocytes to present the spike protein fragments they are hiding. Dr. Patterson claims post-vaccine patients “universally” improve on it within 2 to 4 weeks. The downside is that it is expensive and comes with a black box warning that it can cause liver injury in some patients.
  • Aspirin thins the blood but comes with a risk of internal bleeding.
  • Prednisone powerfully drops inflammation but it also suppresses the immune system, which means it can cause some patients to get a re-activation of old viral infections (EBV, HHV, etc.)

Microscopic Blood Clots in Long COVID and Post-Vaccination Syndrome

Dr. Stephen Levy presents microscopic evidence that the COVID vaccine can cause micro blood clots in some patients. The “coin rolls” of blood platelets stick together. Inflammatory cytokines get trapped inside some of these clots and this wreaks havoc on vascular health and efficiency.

^^ Left: blood clots in vaccinated patient. Right: improved after I.V. Vitamin C & Ozone ^^

These blood clots can cause micro-circulation problems, where the blood cannot flow through tiny capillaries. This leaves tissues in the extremities poorly oxygenated and makes the heart work harder.

Dr. Bruce Patterson recommends treating Long Haul / post-vax syndrome with both anti-inflammatory and blood thinning interventions.

Relevant natural anti-inflammatories include: curcumin, fish oil, specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) & molecular hydrogen.

Natural blood thinners include curcumin, nattokinase, serrapeptase & pycnogenol.

mRNA vaccines can cause massive oxidative damage and cardiac distress such as myocarditis or vasculitis (artery inflammation). Therefore, post COVID-vaccine long haul can also respond well to antioxidant & ‘cardiovascular support’ supplements, such as:

  • vitamin C
  • magnesium
  • CoQ10
  • vitamin E
  • pomegranate extract
  • taurine
  • astaxanthin
  • resveratrol

My Positive Experience with IV Vitamin C Infusions

Dr. Levy’s articles recommended high dose vitamin C infusions. About 40 days after my vaccine injury, I got a series of 3 vitamin C infusions, 45g each, spaced 3 to 4 days apart, each one “slow dripped” over 5 hours. The infusions cost $185 each at a local ‘vitamin lounge.’

After each infusion I felt a dramatic, yet temporary sense of relief. It felt like I had come back from a ‘Hawaiian vacation’ and I felt all refreshed and peaceful, after the AWFUL feelings of chronic inflammation I had endured on a daily basis since the Moderna vax.

If I could afford it, I would have done them once a week until I recovered. IV C was extremely helpful for me.

My Positive Experience with ‘Dr. Bens’ Cellular Repair Program for Long Haulers’

At first, I didn’t want to take any drugs so I searched for natural protocols. I found comprehensive natural vaccine prophylaxis protocol by Dr. Russell Blaylock and the World Council for Health’s Spike Protein Detox Guide. But what really caught my eye was this >>> “Dr. Bens’ Cellular Repair Program for Long Haulers <<< by a Ph.D. nutritionist named Dr. Charles Bens.

Desperate to get well, I ordered about $500 worth of supplements from Amazon to get started on Dr. Bens. (It can be done cheaper with generic brands.)

After about 3 weeks on Dr. Bens, I was feeling REALLY GREAT and I was clearly improving. It really helped with the tissue repair but it didn’t seem to knock the spike protein out of my monocytes: after 6 weeks on his program I was still having lingering vascular inflammation / exercise issues.

I needed to recover ASAP in order to get back to work… so I decided to take a hybrid approach: natural supplements + pharmaceuticals prescribed by some of America’s leading Long COVID physicians.

My Positive Experience with Ivermectin as an Anti-Inflammatory

Despite sensational media reports branding ivermectin as a “horse dewormer,” Ivermectin is FDA approved for human use. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that last for up to 3 days. Something about the anti-inflammatory effects of ivermectin seem especially well matched to the ‘cytokine signature’ inflammation of COVID vaccines and long COVID. This is why a number of knowledgable long COVID physicians prescribe ivermectin to their post-vax patients.

I tried to avoid taking too much ivermectin. On a podcast, I heard Dr. Patterson suggest most patients without cytokine labs to take smaller amounts (perhaps, 6 to 12mg depending on body weight, once every 3 days).

I am sensitive to ivermectin and if I take too much, my liver feels sluggish the next day. I found that as little as 3 to 6mg, once every 3 days, would bring my inflammation down pretty reliably with no side effects. The day after taking ivermectin I would feel sunshine and smiles after weeks of thunderclouds and frowns. ☺? 

My “Long Haul” Post-Vaccination Syndrome Supplement Regimen

I got a lot of inspiration from the cellular repair supplements recommended by Dr. Charles Bens, but made some additions of my own. I’ve included Amazon links to the particular brand or product I used.


  • Pravastatin, 10mg per day. (Reduces vascular inflammation & helps kill inflammatory monocytes)
  • Low dose ivermectin, 3 – 9mg, once every 3 days. (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Low dose naltrexone, 4mg per day. (Anti-inflammatory)

    (Note: fast for telehealth prescriptions in the USA, I recommend

Natural Supplements:

My Daily Supplement Schedule

I know it is a lot of supplements, and not cheap, but if you put them all in a pill organizer it is quite manageable. Here is my daily timing:

Upon AwakeningNattokinase
Methyl Charge+
Low Dose Naltrexone
Breakfast timeVitamin C
Vitamin D
Life Extension Endothelial Defense
Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators
Longvida curcumin
Lunch timeVitamin C
Vitamin E
Molecular hydrogen water
Modified Citrus Pectin
Dinner timeVitamin C
B complex
Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators

My Success with Intermittent Fasting & Water Fasting

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that fasting can reduce the circulating pool of inflammatory monocytes. According to a 2019 study linked above, fasting for 19 hours a day and only having a 5 hour eating window (e.g., 1pm to 6pm) will reliably reduce the inflammatory monocytes in the blood, possibly sending them hiding in the bone marrow, without dampening your immune response capabilities.

Fasting for 16 to 20 hours a day is a powerful therapeutic option for Long Haulers who don’t have blood sugar disorders. You could only eat from 7am to 1pm, or from noon to 7pm – whatever ‘eating window’ works for you. During the fasting hours you can drink water / plain tea / black coffee. I ate only between the hours noon and 6 P.M. for about 3 months – with the occasional weekend ‘cheat’ day where my schedule was disrupted & I ate normally. My symptoms decreased dramatically once I got into the rhythm of intermittent fasting!

For even stronger relief, you can try water fasting, which is described in detail in the The Autophagy Protocol for Long COIVD.

I tried an 84 hour water fast where I ate nothing and took no supplements or meds, just water with electrolytes. It left me feeling weak for a day afterwards and then I felt a dramatic relief of symptoms. I did another 60 hour fast and a 48 hour water fast on subsequent weeks and felt those were easier on my body and less shocking. After each fast I would feel amazing for about 3 days and then I would feel my symptoms slowly creeping back, although lighter than before.

For a few weeks, I tried the Autophagy Protocol, which involves limited supplements and water fasting, but found that I felt better on the full stack of anti-inflammatories recommended by Dr. Bens.

My Breakthrough Healing with EBO2 Ozone Treatment and NAD+ infusion

I called local functional medicine clinics and asked what they suggested for post-vaccine patients. One recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy and another recommended MAH (major auto hemotherapy) – an older type of blood ozone treatment. I researched blood ozonation and found that the most cutting-edge therapy was called EBO2 which stands for “extracorporeal blood ozonation & oxygenation.” Blood is siphoned out of your body with a pump, waste is removed through a fiber filter, the blood infused with ozone and then it is pumped back into your veins.

I found that EBO2 was offered by Dr. Joseph Purita at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Boca Raton, FL. I did a phone consultation with Dr. Purita about my vaccine injury and, while he is not a Long Haul / COVID specialist, I found him to be competent and well-versed in functional medicine. He said that the EBO2 treatment can lower inflammation via activation of the Nrf2 pathway & helps some patients – but he could not make any guarantees. This treatment is not cheap at $2299 per 45 minute session, but I was desperate to recover and was willing to do “whatever it takes.” I am really glad I did it, because it was worth the money! I would go so far as to say it was a ‘game changer’ and it dramatically improved my condition.

This liquid & foam ‘waste material’ was filtered out of my blood!

The experience of EBO2 was nearly painless and easy, and I was well taken care of a top-notch nursing & office support staff. Towards the end of the 45 minute infusion I felt a bit energized, and on the way home I felt a ‘cool and refreshed’ sensation. It was like the feeling of getting fresh air but much stronger. My body gently pulsed and vibrated with aliveness. That evening I went for a walk with zero fatigue and was amazed at how sharp and clear the night sky looked.

As I lie in my bed that night I felt a visceral sense of ‘healing and relief’ that was precious & priceless, like I was being held and soothed by angels. ? The next morning I woke up and it felt like I’d turned a corner.

The next afternoon, I went back to the Institute of Regenerative Medicine for a NAD+ infusion. Stress and illness can deplete NAD+, which is needed for energy synthesis and cellular repair. NAD+ is poorly absorbed orally so IV infusion was the best way to absorb it. The NAD+ infusion took about 4 hours and it felt slightly jittery and uncomfortable, but nothing major. The nurse finished me off with a push IV of Vitamin B6 and oral supplements designed to balance my methylation – which niacin / NAD+ can deplete in higher doses. When I left, I felt charged up, like I’d had too much coffee, for about 24 hours and then it leveled off and I felt normal energy levels.

After the EBO2 and NAD+ treatments, the terrible mid-day fatigue I’d get after standing or being active for a few hours was gone!

I felt pretty much normal!

I was able to slowly start riding my bike and paddling on my SUP again. That felt amazing.

I could also tolerate sun exposure again, presumably because my inflammatory cytokines had dropped dramatically and NAD+ levels were boosted.


Recovery Tip: Learning How to Feel & Accept Everything

Long Haul COVID is rough because you feel all kinds of awful sensations like brain fog, neuropathy, fatigue, exhaustion & depression. These sensations have ‘real’ physical roots and are not imagined. You feel them a lot. But if you “think” about your suffering too much and get stuck in your head, your symptoms will increase. I tested this and it seems true. If I spent the day “feeling” I would feel fine, mostly, but once I started thinking or analyzing my situation excessively my fatigue would intensify.

I read two books during my recovery that really helped me understand the psychology of recovery from chronic illnesses. The Intelligent Body, by Kyle Davies, is a messy and difficult read but it has great info that really helped me. It has one bit of wisdom that was a game changer for me:

>>> Everything you feel is OK <<<

If you freak out about every weird feeling or unpleasant state, you’ll go downhill fast. But if you just accept everything – “I’m exhausted and brain fogged and my arms are tingling, and that’s OK. I will rest and I don’t need to go anywhere tonight!” – and then you just feel your body rather than think about your symptoms – then your symptoms tend to dissipate.

Another great book is At Last a Life that explains how to get over anxiety, panic and chronic illness.

Decode Your Fatigue is another great book.

Some people recommend The Gupta Program and DNRS for brain re-wiring.

Boost Oxygen Levels & Calm Your Nerves with Wim Hof Breathing

I also felt a lot of relief by doing Wim Hof breathing exercises about 2 to 3 times per day! It raises oxygen levels and activates the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system. Whenever I felt depressed or fatigued this would pretty reliably stabilize my condition.

Recovery Tip: Eat a Low Histamine Diet & Keep a Consistent Daily Routine

If you are having extended fatigue after vaccination, it is important to try and lower your histamine levels. Some foods contain high histamine levels and/or cause your cells to release their own histamine. It is important to eat a low histamine diet to create an atmosphere where your body can heal. I have strictly been eating “boring” stuff like roasted green veggies, eggs, chicken, white rice and olive oil. It’s also important to get a good amount of sleep on a routine schedule – so set an early bedtime and stick with it.

Summary: What I Took To Get Over My Covid Vaccine Long-term Fatigue

  • I resolved to stay positive & reduce stress by taking time off work. I kept busy by learning watercolor painting and solving jigsaw puzzles.
  • I stayed active by gently walking 1 to 2 miles, as tolerated. I also did yoga, stretching and a few push ups here and there.
  • I went on a strict low histamine diet ASAP and kept a regular routine, going to bed early each night. This creates an environment where healing can take place in the body.
  • I got as many high dose IV vitamin C infusions as I could afford. At least once a week, until recovered.
  • I did intermittent fasting where I only ate between noon & 6 P.M. for months to reduce inflammatory symptoms. If I needed more relief, I would do a 36 to 60 hour water-only fast.
  • I took a well-rounded stack of natural supplements, from Dr. Bens’ Cellular repair program, 3x a day until recovered and for a few months after I recovered to maintain.
  • I took low dose statins, low dose naltrexone and low dose ivermectin to cool down the inflammation.
  • I did a single session of EBO2 followed by an NAD+ infusion.
  • I deeply and profoundly accepted the entire illness, and all the negative sensations that came with it, as “OK” and exactly what my soul needed to experience – for whatever reason. I just accepted it.
  • As I began to recover I did slightly more intense exercise like biking or SUP, always being cautious and gentle. Slow and steady wins the ‘long haul’ race!
Keeping working on the “healing puzzle,” one piece at a time, until you become whole again!

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41 thoughts on “How I Recovered from a COVID Vaccine Injury”

  1. Hello. I am not able to afford the expensive therapies you listed (IV) so I was wondering in that case what supplements do you feel like helped you the most? I am getting ready to start LDN, am on H1andH2 histamines, low histamine diet, Pravastatin and IVM. What helped you the most that is affordable for the long hauler that cannot afford $200 IV sessions.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Overall, the best “bang for my buck” was Pravastatin – I think it was under $30 for 6 months supply and I felt relief within 2 hours after taking the first dose! I took it for about 3 months.

      Vitamin C & D helped, LDN helped and it is cheap if you compound it yourself by dissolving naltrexone tablets in water and measuring out the doses in milliliters. Longvida helped a lot (but it is not cheap). Pro-resolving mediators drop inflammtory pretty well and Life Extension has affordable ones. Endothelial Defense was really good for my vascular issues (but not as cheap as Pravastatin!).

      1. Thank you for posting this..Did you take Pravastatin in the morning or in the evening? Do you think it can help with tingling and pins and needles?

        1. Vlad,

          I took pravastatin at lunch time (check out the supplement chart in this post). I think that it helped me a LOT over 3 months time. One of my most helpful treatments. It made it easier for me to walk, stand and exercise gradually. When my S1+ monocytes eventually died off, which I feel the statin helped accelerate, I felt less tingling in my limbs after exercise.

  2. Great article, Brent! I’m so happy to hear that you have recovered and doing well.

    Thank you for this incredible information, that so many people can benefit from.

    Unfortunately, traditional medical advice is obsolete, and does not get to the root cause of the injury. I’m so happy to hear that you did your homework, and shared this valuable information with others.

  3. Thank you for posting your story. My Neuro suspects Covid Longhaulers & Vaccine (J&J) injury. I developed symptoms of neuropathy 4 days after Vaccine. Most of my issues are the legs and feet pins & needles. Did you/do you have peripheral neuropathy? Did these treatments help out in that department? If so, what is your current status as far as symptoms go? That’s the department I need help in. I’d be willing to go wherever USA for treatment / help. I am in the Atlanta area.

    1. Hi Sheila, I did not have constant or pronounced neuropathy. However when I would exercise, I would feel tingling in my limbs for up to several hours afterwards. My symptoms presented more as cardiac: exercise intolerance and debilitating fatigue with inflammation after exercise. I am sorry to hear of your injury and wish you the best of luck in recovering!

      1. Hello I just signed up for ozone therapy, taking natural supplements, fasting. My symptoms as well presented more cardiac (irregular heart rate, sob sometimes heaviness on chest, fatigue, pressure headaches)

        Im eating little to nothing when fasting, and only fruits and veggies.

        I can’t get lvmectin doctors are scared to write for it. Do you recommend anything else for inflammation? Did your chest every race upon standing etc? If so has that resolved as well?
        Are you fully symptom free?

        1. Autumn,

          I’m fully symptom free since the winter holidays. You are doing what you need to and yo’ll get over this too!

          I don’t think fasting works unless you eat nothing (but water, tea) during the fasting hours. Even a few calories will take you out of the fast, from what I’ve read.

          I did experience fast heartbeat upon standing sometimes – but it was not as frequent as my other symptoms!

          I attacked my inflamamtion aggressively and from multiple angles: LDN, IVM, Pravastatin, Pro-resolving mediators, Longvida, Endothelial Defense, ozone therapy — all worked in tandem to bring it back into the normal zone.

  4. Hey, any advice for someone dealing with Vax symptoms such as heart palpitations and shortness of breath?

    1. Hi James, I felt an improvement in when I took “heart support” meds like pravastatin & supplements like taurine (1000mg twice daily), CoQ10, magnesium, vitamin E & astaxanthin.

      Wim Hof breathing is great, ask your functional medicine practitioner about ozone therapy (EBO2) or hyperbaric oxygen.

  5. HI – I had the astrazeneca vaccine and I have all the symptoms of the long haul post vaccine issue. It has been 2.5 months since the vaccine and I still have chronic fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath and I cannot exercise without my hear rate going through the roof.

    What would be the first thing you suggest in order to see an immediate sense of improvement?

    1. Daniel, I am sorry to hear of your injury! For me personally, both IV Vitamin C infusions and pravastatin 10mg seemed to produce an immediate improvement. EBO2 and NAD+ infusions were great too. Vascular health supplements like VenoFlow & Endothelial Defense were also soothing and effective.

  6. Thank you for sharing and excellent information. My issues started five days after first Pfizer Covid vaccine. I woke up one morning with extreme intense muscle pain in my legs. Extremely difficult to get out of bed. Pain traveled to my arms, very difficult to lift arms. All blood work normal, other than Extremely high inflammatory markers. Pain continues to travel through body intermittently and at one point attacked pre arthritic knee. Prednisone very effective in treatment but not wanting to T
    take long term. On month 10. Pain did get a better last few weeks, buy still severe. Feedback, thoughts, advice welcome!

    1. Gino, I did everything I possibly could to get my inflammation under control. It seems like once inflamamtion mediators are triggered, they can trigger other cells (gut inflammation can somehow trigger joint inflammation, which can trigger more brain inflammation, etc.) and spiral out of control unless they are widely suppressed with diet, supplements, fasting, etc. I did intermittent fasting and took the supplements and medication listed above and had a lot of success. My favorite anti-inflammatory is Longvida curcumin – I take 1000 to 2000mg in the morning if I feel a lot of inflammation. I had some knee arthritis before my vaccine issue and took UC-II for that. If you can find a good functional medicine doctor to help you it would be best! I wish you a speedy recovery hope my story can help you in some way.

      1. Thank you very much Brett for the follow up. I will certainly look into the Longvida Circurum. You are certainly correct regarding the inflammation, it additional to my major muscle groups and knee joint, I also have had some gastorilogical issues.
        These are my only symptoms/issues with maybe mild brain fog. I did get Covid twice months after my issues began and was asymptomatic both times furthering my belief I have issues from the vaccine. I will hold up hope that Dr. Patterson is correct regarding the non classical monocytes last up to 15 months and being at month 10 hopefully they suppress soon. Thanks again

        1. Dr. Patterson tweeted taking statins “significantly hastens the demise” of the S1+ monocytes. After 3 months on pravastatin I felt a huge improvement. I feel as if my S1+ monocytes have died.

    1. No. I considered it but wanted to try for “more natural” and “less drugs”… so I went the prolonged statins route: statin for about 3 months

      1. Yes, same here. After exercise or when Im doing more..I dont know is it vascular or nervossystem.. Are You now totally drug free or are You still taking something?

        1. My understanding of the tingling limbs, based on a tweet by a Long COVID doctor, is “vascular inflammation.” S1+ monocytes activate and stick to blood vessel walls and cause inflammation, creating a sensation. I am off statins and IVM, still taking LDN and gradually tapering down and weaning off supplements. I feel pretty sure that my problematic monocytes are gone.

  7. Hi Brett–

    Did you take the Longvida Curcumin while taking the statin? How did you know when to stop taking the statin? And are you still on the LDN? How did you know that 4mg was your dose you felt best at? Any advice on insomnia caused by the virus? I has no pre existing health issues or symptoms before the virus. Thank you.

    1. I built up to taking everything listed in this blog post. The supplements, meds, doses and schedule i took are explicitly written out (for you to discuss with your doctor). Now that i’ve recovered i’m slowly dropping off. I started to be able to tolerate exercise so i dropped off the statin by reducing the dose for 2 weeks then stopping. i was able to exercise fine with no issues so i stayed off it. I sill take the LDN at this time. I took the 4mg because i ‘felt better’ on it and studies showing that 4 to 4.5mg doses are effective at dropping cytokines after 8 weeks. For sleep, I like Quicksliver Scientific liposomal melatonin or “Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Sleep Cocktail”

  8. Hi Brett–

    I also want to thank you for sharing your journey in hopes to help others. Also thank you for taking the time to answer our questions– especially mine I know how valuable your time is and I appreciate it. I hope that with your suggestions and advice can help me get back to work as well– I miss my job very much. I live in North Florida how would I go about looking for a wellness center that does some of the therapy that you received? Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this helpful post, Brett. I know many people are struggling and searching for answers after their vax injury with limited resources and help available. Can I ask if you also had tinnitus post-vax and if anything helped with alleviating it? Thanks.

    1. I did not have tinnitus, it truly sounds awful and i am sorry to hear you got it! I have heard Dr. Patterson suggest maraviroc can reduce or resolve tinnitus in some patients.

  10. Thanks for this post Brett, it sure means a lot to read a story like this and learning about all that helped you. Did you get a Cytokine panel done with Incelldx to monitor your improvements at all? Just wondering if you had any data like that to know what treatments might have helped with what in that regard. Thanks again for giving us all hope.

    1. no cytoikine pannel was drawn for me. I couldn’t find a knowledgable & willing doctor who would read my pannel and interpret it AND write prescriptions. I have suffered from chronic inflammation in the past and know what it feels like.

      I have zero data but supplements that drop TNF-a and IL-6 (curcumin, baicalin, pomegranate extract, etc) and such seemed to help!

      Pravastatin, LDN and IVM were winners, too.

  11. Hi Brett. Thank you so much for your detailed post and congratulations on your recovery. Can you recommend a good functional medicine Dr that can help in South FL? Thanks!

  12. You mentioned you had shortness of breath… Was it like a breathlessness when trying to exercise? Thats what i have and hope to get better!

    1. Yes, breathlessness after exercise. Pre-injury I worked out a lot and was relatively fit. Doing a set of pushups was no big deal, maybe I would breathe a little heavier afterwards but nothing too noticeable. I tried doing pushups after I was injured and sometimes my heart would race and I would be breathing quickly and heavily – more like I had been sprinting.

      Thankfully I recovered and seem back to normal… biking, paddling, working out at the gym, etc!

      I feel confident that with the right mindset and efforts, most people can get here too!

  13. Hi Brett,
    Did you experience tachycardia or POTS? If so, did EBO2 or HBOT help with tachycardia? I can’t do the things I used to because of my terrible high heart rate. 7 months post vax now. Any advice is appreciated!

    1. Estelle, I had some tachycardia when I tried to exercise and a little bit of lightheadedness when standing but it wasn’t a dominant symptom.

      I feel like EBO2 was great for dropping inflammation.

      I felt like my heart issues improved with various cardiovascular meds and supplements: Endothelial Defense (w/ pomegranate extract), pravastatin, pycnogenol, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, nattokinase, curcumin, taurine, CoQ10, astaxanthin, resveratrol, etc.

  14. Brett did you do Patterson’s cytokine panel to get a long hauler index? If so was maraviroc something he prescribed and were your cytokine numbers high?

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