How to Make Your Own CBD Oil


CBD oil can be made at home for much cheaper than buying it. In addition to being economical, you have complete control over the purity & quality of ingredients. It’s simple to make homemade CBD isolate oil in your kitchen. This is my personal recipe & notes that I’m posting for informational purposes only. Follow this 100% at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything that happens if you decide to try this!

Materials Needed

  • Olive oil
  • 1/2 ounce (or 15ml) tinted glass dropper bottle
  • Pyrex measuring cup
  • 1000mg of CBD — isolate powder, slabs, resin or wax extract – any form will do.
  • Milligram scale is essential if you must measure out exactly 1000mg of CBD. If you have an unused, pre-weighed 1000mg jar of CBD you don’t need a scale.
  • Frying pan filled with 1/2″ (1.25cm) of water.
  • Spoon – for measuring powder or stirring
  • Oven mitt for handling heated Pyrex cup.
  • Optional: Small plastic funnel to help pour oil into and out of the dropper bottle.

Overview of the Process

We measure 1/2 ounce of olive oil and 1000mg of CBD. We stir and dissolve the CBD into gently warmed olive oil into order to help it dissolve more easily than at room temperature. Once fully dissolved, the oil contains approximately 70mg of CBD per mL:  relatively potent drops of CBD oil!

Here is the process broken down in greater detail:

Step #1 – Measure 1/2 Ounce of Oil

homemade CBD oil

Fill the dropper bottle with fresh olive oil. You can use a plastic funnel or the Pyrex cup’s pouring spout to guide the oil into the bottle. Don’t fill it to the brim, leave just a little space in the “neck” so the dropper can fit in without overflowing. Now you have approximately 1/2 ounce of olive oil.


Step #2 – Pour 1/2 ounce of Olive Oil to Pyrex Cup & Place in Warm Water Bath

First set the stove burner to “Lo” — lowest possible heat setting.

Next pour about 1/2″ of water into the frying pan and set it on the low heat burner.

Finally, pour out the 1/2″ ounce dropper bottle filled with olive oil into the Pyrex cup and then place the Pyrex cup into the warming water.


Step #3 – Weigh Out Exactly 1000mg of CBD

1000mg CBD isolate

Weigh exactly 1000mg of CBD on the milligram scale.

(If you are using hard CBD slabs or shatter, wrap it in wax paper and crush it throughly with a mortar and pestle so it will dissolve in oil easier. If you are using 1000mg of “sticky” textured CBD  like oil concentrate, wax or resin – just use it whole.)

If you have an unused, pre-weighed jar of 1000mg CBD you don’t need to use a scale.

But if you have a large or unknown quantity it’s very important to weigh the CBD to get exactly 1000mg. Do not eyeball or guess: it’s impossible to estimate accurately!


Step #4 – Add 1000mg of CBD to the Oil Inside the Pyrex Cup in the Warm Water Bath

After the oil has been warming in the hot water bath for at least 5 minutes, add the CBD to the oil in the Pyrex cup nestled in the warm water bath.

Step #5 – Stir the CBD into the Warmed Olive Oil Until Completely Dissolved

I used the handle of a spoon to stir the CBD into the warm oil until it was 100% dissolved. This can take up to 5 minutes of constant, vigorous stirring to get every last particle to dissolve fully. It’s important that you get every last bit fully dissolved for a homogeneous mixture with consistent dosing

We don’t want to heat the oil so hot or for so long it will break down and become rancid.  We just want to heat the oil just enough to allow the CBD to fully dissolve and no more. So we use as little heat and time as required to keep it fresh.


Step #6 – Remove the Pyrex Cup from Warm Water and Allow the Oil to Cool Completely

As soon as you can’t see even a single spec of solid CBD particles remaining in the oil, it’s time to remove it from the heat.

CAUTION: Hot oil can be dangerous. Although in theory the cup & oil shouldn’t get scalding hot on the “Lo” heat setting – at least on my stove – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Using an oven mitt, remove the Pyrex cup from the hot water bath and set it on the stovetop. Turn the stove burner off. Allow the cup and oil to cool completely for 1 hour to ensure for safe pouring and handling.


Step #7 – Pour the Cooled Oil Back into the 1/2 Ounce Dropper Bottle

Pour the cooled CBD oil back into the dropper bottle using the pouring spout of the Pyrex measuring cup or a tiny plastic funnel. Screw on the the dropper top.


Step #8 – Label the bottle using paper, pen, scissors and Scotch tape

CBD wax oil

You can easily forget what’s in the bottle after several months or years if it isn’t labeled. So the write the contents on a tiny square of paper and use transparent tape to adhere it to the side of the bottle.


Notes on Homemade CBD Oil Dosage

You now have a bottle of CBD oil that contains approximately 1000mg of CBD per 1/2 ounce. The size of drops is variable. It fluctuates depending on size of the dropper’s stem and hole, the temperature of the environment the oil is stored in, even how hard or soft you squeeze the drop out — so it is impossible to say how much is in each drop. If you used exactly 1000mg of CBD isolate and exactly 1/2 ounce of oil and you reclaimed 100% of it back in the bottle your homemade CBD isolate oil would contain approximately 70mg CBD per milliliter.

Very anecdotally speaking – for my own personal chemistry and preferences as a 170 pound man – I find that 2 drops is a light dose. 4 to 5 drops is a medium dose. 10 to 12 drops is a stronger dose.

For general wellness and anxiety prevention: I take about 4 drops of this homemade CBD isolate oil twice per day, in the morning & late afternoon.

For insomnia prevention   I made a special batch of CBD with indica terpenes added (sometimes called shatter, terpsolate or crumble)  and take 6 to 8 drops of it about 2 hours before my desired bedtime.

Your own chemistry, doses, preferences and CBD wellness needs may vary drastically.

Always start low and go slow – and work gradually up to the optimal dose for you.

About the Author:
Brett Borders is a natural health coach specializing in stress-related issues such as anxiety, fatigue & PTSD. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you could use help getting your life and health back! You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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