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When I read about the ‘tiny droplet’ technology behind nanoemulsified CBD and its 6x higher absorption rates, I knew had to try it… so I looked for a reputable, high-quality brand. I saw Quicksilver Scientific was carried by discerning nutritional supplement vendors like Life Extension Europe and Prohealth, and their other products got good reviews on Amazon. So, I took a chance on them and ordered a few bottles from CBD Garage.

Product Packaging

The packaging is top notch. It comes in a thick, 1.7oz (50ml) blackened glass bottle with a white pump dispenser that releases 0.5ml per squirt (containing 3mg of nano-cannabinoids).  They also sell a  smaller 1oz (30ml) bottle that dispenses 2mL per 10 squirts.

The pump dispenser needs to be primed a couple times and then it squirts well and consistently. You can twist the pump nozzle about a quarter of a turn to “lock” it for pocket or purse carry without it discharging. I’ve tested the safety mechanism for a couple weeks and it works reliably. Each bottle is stamped with its manufacturing date. The product is good for up to 2 years if sealed, but should be consumed with 60 days of opening.

Subjective Effects

I started with cautiously with one squirt of this product, swishing it around in my mouth for about a minute to increase oral-mucosal absorption and then I swallowed it. I felt a very slight physical alert within 5 minutes but around the 1 hour mark was when I noticed a remarkable sense of comfort and relaxation (parasympathetic activation). There was some visual brightening.

The first few days I took half the recommended dose: one squirt, twice per day. The effects were noticeable. I went to a party at a local glass blowing studio and I felt extremely relaxed but a bit awkward as I was lacking in verbal fluency.

My normal wit and “edge” was subdued by a calm, medicated feeling which is the hallmark effect of highly potent CBD. After a few days I adjusted to the potency and my verbal skills re-emerged, unhindered.

It helped me sleep better. I am highly to susceptible to insomnia and circadian rhythm disturbances if I engage in too much activity & social stimulation after dark. I was having so much fun at the party I stayed out much later than normal and I went home and fell right to sleep without tossing and turning. Amazing!

After about 10 days of taking it at half the recommended dose, I felt some  anxiety and tension starting to creep back in. So I bumped up my dose to the recommended 2 squirts (1mL), twice per day — or 4 squirts per day. Wow! I felt like my endocannabinoid system had been out of whack for so long and this stuff was finally setting me right.

I felt balanced, cheerful & sociable… but not “high.” In social situations I exuded a sense of calm and confidence. I noticed much less social and planning anxiety when texting friends. I practiced my juggling routines and noticed a better sense of coordination and flow.  I did my typical Tuesday A.M. workout: a one mile run followed by 100 pullups (in several sets). This would usually leave my arms and back sore later on, but that evening I felt less body aches & muscle inflammation. 

I felt relief from mild depression that I didn’t really know I had.  I thought that taking ~20mg of CBD isolate twice a day was helping me but it really wasn’t doing much at all, in retrospect.

The effects kick in within minutes and it lasts for about 6 to 8 hours, peaking most strongly from arround the 1 hour point to the 5 hour point.

It’s better than CBD concentrates or vaping, and I think it’s also better than high-THC cannabis.  It offers almost all of the same relief as psychoactive strains without the dissociation & brain fog.

Bottom line: I love this stuff. Very potent, fast acting and impressive.

Drawbacks of Nano-Cannabinoid Products

This and other nano-cannabinoids I’ve tried do have a downside – I felt a strong “rebound effect” where anxiety returns more noticeably after missing a morning dose or when the effects wear off. The relief is so good and then it’s kind of jarring when I’d come back to my default neurological state. A couples of times I got uncharacteristically cranky and more impatient than usual when “coming off” it. We’ll see if this continues or its just part of starting up and letting my body adjust to this stronger medicine.

Then it’s more expensive than normal CBD oil. Once you try nanoemulsified products other methods seem to only offer partial relief.  So if you don’t think you can afford it or you don’t want to get spoiled to the point where you can’t be satisfied by inexpensive, basic CBD oil anymore – I would think twice before trying this and getting to like it.

Finally, you are more likely to encounter CBD side effects with nanoemulsified products. They are much stronger than whatever you’re used to, most likely. I recommend starting with just one squirt and not taking more until you establish that it’s not too strong, and increase slowly from there.


Taste of the Product

The clear, serum-like liquid tastes astringent, bitter and citrusy – something like  lime seltzer with a splash of Everclear. You can taste the alcohol. They obviously didn’t want to sweeten it with sugar, stevia or xylitol — which all have disadvantages.  The astringent & bitter tastes linger for quite a while after swallowing it – prompting me to drink something to wash my palette. Water works OK but coconut milk is even better.

I mentally associate the taste with “relief” so I’ve adjusted to it, even kind of look forward to it. The bottle says you can also mix it with a small amount of water and drink it on an empty stomach.

But if you are very taste sensitive or critical, this might not be for you.

Product Composition

The product labeling claims it has 21mg of hemp extract containing 12mg of “phytocannabidiols” (presumably CBD, CBDv, CBG, etc.) per 2mL serving.  Other ingredients: water, glycerin, ethanol, Vitamin E, phospholipids from sunflower seed lectin & natural citrus oils.

They don’t publish any lab test results on their website so I called the company to request them. The company representative I spoke to on the phone said that it contained under the legal limits of 0.3% THC and he claimed it would not make you fail a drug test. I pressed him for lab test results and he said that the company runs them & has them but they aren’t ready to release to the public at this time.

UPDATE: A representative from the company read this review and sent me a detailed, in-house Certificate of Analysis claiming it contains <0.01% THC.

While I don’t feel any reason to doubt them, Quicksilver should market this product the prestige it deserves by posting 3rd party lab tests which can be traced back to each batch / bottle.

Manufacturing Quality

Quicksilver Scientific is a Boulder, Colorado-based company run by Dr. Christopher Shade – a Ph.D. biochemist who specializes in metal toxicity. He claims to manufacture this product a cCGMP facility – which means it is certified as being extremely precise, clean and pharmaceutical grade.  Very few other CBD products made in the US try to follow these strict standards.

Cost Per Day

It retails at $95 for a 50mL bottle or $60 for a 30mL one. The lowest officially recommended dose on the 1.7 ounce squirt bottle is 2mL — or 4 squirts per day. A bottle would last for 25 days at the lowest recommended dose. This works out  to about $3.80 per day.  The 4 squirts per day – taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon – seems to provide adequate relief.

People with mild endocannabinoid deficiencies or occasional pain might be able to get away with just 1 or two squirts per day. People with chronic pain or severe, stress-induced endocannabinoid system dysregulation might require much more. The highest recommended dose range on the bottle – up to 16 squirts per day, would cost $15.20 per day at the retail price.

The Bottom Line

Great product. Exceeded my expectations. Don’t hesitate to try this you are looking for “the best” CBD and it’s within your budget.

Have you tried this product? Please share your experience in the comments below!


About the Author:
Brett Borders is a natural health coach specializing in stress-related issues such as anxiety, fatigue & PTSD. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you could use help getting your life and health back! You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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