REVIEW: “Remedy” Hemp Flower by Tweedle Farms


In 2010, a grower by the name of Shantibaba & Resin Seeds company were collaborating on a breeding experiment called “The Z-Project.” Their goal was to produce truly medicinal, non-intoxicating varieties of cannabis.

Out of all the seedlings that hatched, they were especially intrigued with the effects of number Z7 and nicknamed it “The Remedy.” According to forum posts from 2011 and corrected info on Resin Seeds’ site, the lineage of the Z7 plant contains some classic high-THC cannabis strains like NYC Diesel:

Z7 = [ *Cannatonic x (Afghan Skunk) ] x *Cannatonic

*Cannatonic = Reina Madre (Queen Mother) x NYCD (New York City Diesel)

By crossing the ~1:1 CBD-to-THC Canantonic strain with a THC-dominant Afghan Skunk indica’s pollen… and then crossing it back with the high-CBD Cannatonic again… they created a fluke of nature & double-recessive phenotype :

35:1 high-CBD, very low-THC, Indica-dominant flower that didn’t get you high but it definitely did something when you smoked it.

And that “something” turned out to be way more useful & interesting.

I first became aware of Remedy’s healing properties when I shared some Phyto Family’s Remedy concentrate with a cannabis-naive 80-year-old neighbor suffering from severe spinal pain after surgery.  After he vaped it and coughed furiously, he said that he felt a ‘more of a tenderness’ rather than stabbing pain in his back. He stood up and walked around his house without using his walker, his gait was visibly improved. I loaned him my vape pen and he refused to give it back for almost two months (!), saying that the Remedy wax had reduced his dependence on pain pills and given him a new lease on life.

So when Tweedle Farms on the Oregon Coast had some Remedy in stock during the late spring, I knew I had to try it in flower…


Inside the vacuum sealed pouch were several grape-sized, fairly dense, dark olive green buds with a light dusting of trichomes on the exterior. It looks like “mid-grade” weed. They buds are slightly sticky on the exterior but become moderately sticky on the inside when broken up with the fingers. When ground up in my electric coffee grinder, a fair dusting of amber colored trichomes can be found clinging to the walls and in the ground product.

Cannabinoid & Terpene Composition

According to the lab paper work that came with the package, this flower has an approximately  35:1 ratio of CBD to THC. It comes in close to 18% CBD, with a half-percent THC… just enough to tickle your brain’s CB1 receptors for a “full spectrum” sleep or analgesic effect without blasting you into an altered state.  It also has CBC and CBG in significant amounts for a rich entourage effect.

  • CBD-A =       17.8%
  • THC Total =   0.57%
  • CBC Total =   1.22%
  • CBDv Total =  0.067%
  • CBG Total =   0.5%

As for the terpenes….

  •  β-myrcene =             ~7 mg/g
  • Farsene =                  ~5 mg/g
  • β-caryophyllene =     ~4 mg/g
  • Bisabolol =                ~2.5 mg/g
  • α-pinene =                 ~2 mg/g

It has a well-balanced & medicinally therapeutic profile. The extremely high β-myrcene content gives Remedy a calming “indica” effect.  The caryophyllene directly binds to the CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the immune system & powerfully modulates inflammation. The α-pinene also dials down inflammation as well as increases alertness.


Pungent and enticing! The ground buds smell earthy, fruity, peppery and piney Alongside the earthiness the sour “green apple” fragrance of farsene is there, intertwined with the classic “dank & spicy” cannabis essence from the β-myrcene & β-caryophyllene… trailing off with some “clean” pine and lemon-esque notes.


I put a pinch in the trench of my Magic Flight Launch Box vape with the Bottle Rocket water filter adapter. It tasted earthy, savory, clove-peppery & piney –  and not too harsh on the lungs or throat.The signature, most memorable taste note was a lemon-ey sweetness that lingered above the pine. 

Combustion: I squished a pea size nug fragment into a freshly-cleaned glass “one hitter” pipe and took a draw. The smoke was hot, harsh and acrid. If you’re health conscious, I don’t recommend smoking it. Outdoor mid-grade like this is not yet as smooth & terpene-rich as indoor high grade.

I think the healthiest way to consume hemp flower is orally: try a Remedy tincture or make edibles.  The second best way to consume it is to use a vaporizer with a water-filter extension


If high THC cannabis were a triple-shot espresso, Remedy is like a mellow cup of green tea.

This ultra-lite indica has 58 times more THC (0.578%) than the (0.01%) oral nanoemulsified CBD product that I regularly take. That’s probably why I feel a mild, fuzzy high for about 10 minutes but it tends to fade away when I move around or focus on other things. Compared to other high-CBD hemp strains I have tried, which have a “coarser” buzz & stronger body high, Remedy’s qualitative effect is very smooth and suave.  I vaped some before going to social event where I felt a little bit less verbally articulate, but extremely comfortable & willing to interact without hesitation.

It’s versatile: functional in the daytime but if I am wired or wide awake at night Remedy can help bring me down to sleep.

The combination of CBD with CBG, CBC and THC… mixed with the myecene and caryophyllene terpenes make for a unique entourage effect with significant anti-inflammatory action. Other reviews have compared it to Vicodin. I came home from a hot, sweaty 4th of July parade & concert feeling exhausted and achy in my muscles.  After a couple puffs of Remedy I felt as good as new and in a better mood. My friend with severe spinal pain has tested Remedy in wax concentrate form and he says a single hit can bring down pain from a “9” to a “3 or 4” for several hours.

It could take the edge off serious stress, PTSD or even a panic attack. Taking it at the height of a anxious, hypervigilant state…  a wave of calm washes over you and everything seems manageable. But you don’t feel dissociated or mentally altered to the degree that you can’t drive, read or think clearly… or be fully present with loved ones.

This flower seems to have a low ‘ceiling’ where you only need a little bit to reach its peak effects and consuming more won’t make you feel more medicated.

Overall it’s super nice medicine that is highly effective for moderate stress or physical discomforts. Unless you have something serious like  severe pain or agonizing muscle spasms, Remedy might give you adequate relief without the dissociation, intoxication, immobility and hangover of a hard hitting, high-THC indica.


$35 per 1/8th ounce (3.5g). If you vape it, a little bit (0.05g – 0.1g) it goes a long way. If you are smoking it, or using it heavily, it could get pricey. It’s currently out of stock at Tweedle Farms and won’t be back till later in the fall.


Overall this is nice flower strain with unique properties and decent aesthetics. It offers stronger relief than full-spectrum CBD oil or isolate due to its indica terpenes and mild THC content – but it’s pleasantly light and refreshing compared to recreational cannabis. At the time of this writing, Remedy seems to be one of the better and more desirable high-CBD flower strains in the US hemp market … so if you see a nice looking sample, try some!

About the Author:
Brett Borders is a CBD Copywriter and health coach specializing in recovery from stress-related illnesses such as chronic anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and inflammation. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help!


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