Review: “The White” Terpsolate by The Hemp Barn


“Terpsolate” is CBD isolate that has been infused with terpenes. Terpenes are natural plant compounds that create the unique scent & flavor signature of each cannabis variety — and they also influence medicinal effects as they interact with cannabinoid receptors.

Many companies are using chemist-concocted blends of terpenes that closely approximate the natural ratios found in cannabis strains. However, this new line of CBD products from the The Hemp Barn contains natural cannabis-derived terpenes that are extracted directly from high-grade weed in Los Angeles. This type of CBD product is most commonly vaporized in a wax pen or dabbed in a rig, but it can also be eaten or dissolved into warm oil for a homemade oral tincture. I purchased this on a “7/10” day sale for a discount. It was shipped the next day and it arrived about 3 days later. Here’s how it performed:

Presentation: The product comes in a small glass jar with a foil air seal across the mouth, and a thin plastic lid. I had a hard time opening the jar at first but after a bit of twisting and wrangling I had no further difficulties. The product inside is a white, crumbly matter that leaves an oily and fragrant residue on the fingers if handled.

Composition: Unknown, as product & batch-specific lab test results were not published on the product page at the time of my purchase. It’s allegedly “99% pure CBD” infused with cannabis-derived terpenes containing “0.00% THC.”

Aroma & Taste: A number of competing products smell “interesting” and faint – but this stuff smells pungent and fairly similar to cannabis flower. The terpenes seem to be expertly extracted and fresh. Along with dank, this product is “clean” smelling – with overtones of pine, lemon and antiseptic. Puffing it in my Linx Hypnos Zero pen connected to a Magic Flight Bottle Rocket bubbler is very smooth. It has a delicious flavor that is a little bit different than the scent would initially suggest. There are notes of black tea, lemonade and berries. Think: an Arnold Palmer with a little bit of Strawberry Nerds candy stirred in. Yum.

Effects: I selected “The White” because Leafly describes it as a heavier indica and I wanted something to help me wind down at night for bed. At about 8pm I was feeling fatigued and aching from an intense callesthenics workout earlier. I took two rips through my Linx Hypnos Zero. Almost immediately I could feel warm fuzzies in my head and behind my eyes. I sat down, looked around and noticed a very slight shimmering of the patterns in my oriental rug. Noticeable, undulating physical sensations of relaxation and warmth spread to my shoulders, chest and legs. I turned on a podcast on spiritual topics but I had a hard time following along. I gave up and switched on some non-cerebral videos on YouTube. At the 20 minute point I felt like the effects had fully kicked in. The videos looked colorful and were more enjoyable than normal. I was in my own little cozy world with the lights off, no discomfort or worries or any sort… Netflix-n-chillin’ to perfection.

After about 90 minutes I felt completely relaxed, ready for bed and fell asleep moments after my head hit the pillow. It was like a mild “indica lite” with valid medicinal effects but less bang (psychedelic energy, euphoria, intoxication & dissociation) that would come from a THC version.

The Verdict: This is one of the best CBD isolate products I have tried in terms of smell, taste and effects. I have have been using products from Phyto Family and Extract Labs but based on this new release I am considering this company as having high potential. I am curious to try their other terpenes and await new strains to see if they measure up.

About the Author:
Brett Borders is a natural health coach specializing in stress-related issues such as anxiety, fatigue & PTSD. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you could use help getting your life and health back! You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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