Ads Snare 1,000 Victims Per Hour ad scam parody sleazy’s ads have become a pop-cultural online icon – a symbol of deceptive online advertising.

The mega-budget interactive campaign is heavily plastered across social media networks like Tribe and MySpace and it works quite well: the ads lure in almost 1,000 new member sign ups per hour. wasn’t always an extortionate scam site.

The company first started off as “True Beginnings,” and was positioned as wholesome, marriage-minded dating service!

That was was slow-going, so they tried the “No Marrieds. No Felons.” safer-dating angle with rigorous background checks. Unfortunately that didn’t sell so well, either.

Now’s founder Herb Vest has hit the jackpot by positioning as a sleazy hook-up site. His patented advertising method consists of scantly clad models and licentious headlines beckoning you to sign up for a “free” trial.

If you fall for the “free” trial offer you have to give over your credit card information. Then they’ve really got you.

Many users report deceptive practices getting fake winks from bogus “date bait” profiles (pictures of models), or messages far away “members” like hot blondes located in Columbia. Some even get hit on by Nigerian scammers posing as hotties!

Folks who try to cancel the service before the “free” trial expires find that it is impossible to do so online: a cancellation feature has deliberately been omitted from the online interface.

Victims report:

It’s time the True® truth be told. The best way to illustrate it is with this actual, unaltered affiliate program ad from the company:

  • not scammed

    I never even finished my profile..nor did i do the free trial and i still get mail saying i have messages or winks or i should talk to this person or that one. IF YOU HAVE ANY SMARTS DO NOT USE THIS SITE IT IS A SCAM.FUCK YOU HERB VEST!!!!

  • Vnvixon2

    So glad I found this.  My husband and I met through True Beginings, now  I did't know they changed names.  They haven't taken my husbands profile and keep trying to lure him back.  I came across this accidently and if it wasnt for this post about how they dont remove profile, I would have thought husband was cheating on me.  Thanks!!!!!  We have been in sorts over this and could have cost us our marriage.  Really, this needs to be reported and some how taken care of.  Can you imagine how many other people have gone through this and actually were divorced over it?

  • Wes

    Well lets see I saw the add and I was like I will sign up. I only use my card at My college to pay for books and stuff. So I though i would sign up. After I signed up and the "free" trial they charged me $15 instead of $9. I checked my card balance and it was way to low. After I signed up my card had charges from the other side of the U.S. I had a bad experience on there to. One girl kept on asking me to add her on facebook and when i did she started posting things about some sex web cast. The first day on there a 66 year old man sent me a message on there saying he wanted to rape me. I have to admit i did make one real friend on there near me. But the site is a scam. I tryed to cancel multiple. But everytime they would yell at me and call me a scammer. I tryed to call again and i got a message saying the number was dissconected. I then called from my friends phone and I got a hold of them. I am over drawn because of what they did. I had to contact my bank to block all transactions from them to make it stop. I am going to talk to my lawyer to see what i have to do to sue them.

  • Naldo

    i was scammed coz wen i quit they keep charging me its like $15 insted of $9 something dont u ever ever get reg on the site its gana rip u off and lower ur creadit score!!!!!!!

  • Robert Schmidt

    In addition to their policies of not letting you out, they have the
    NEW CRUSH MESSAGE flashing on almost every page. Go through the sign up process ending with a $9.95. Then a pin number is sent to your cell phone. Then take the sign up steps again and have Avg pop up and say this is a Phishing scam.

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