What is Nanoemulsified CBD?


Engineers have discovered how to use ultrasound waves to blast CBD oil into submicroscopic “nano” droplets so tiny they pass directly through your mouth & into your blood. This nanoemulsified form of CBD has an immediate onset of action, 6 times higher absorption, and potent therapeutic effects at much lower doses:

Nanotechnology is not marketing hype or new age jargon – it is proven in numerous published scientific studies, researched by pharmaceutical companies and so far over 60 nano drug applications have been approved by FDA. Nanoemulsions are being studied to possibly deliver fast-acting antidotes to the Ebola virus & bio-terrorism.

What is a Liposomal Nanoemulsion?

It’s a fancy term for submicroscopic drops of oil. Nano means 1 billionth of a meter or 0.0000001 centimeters.  An emulsion is when one liquid gets mixed with another but doesn’t fully dissolve into it. A liposome means a tiny droplet of oil that is completely surrounded by molecules of a water-repelling emulsifier (like lecithin). This protective coating allows the oil to float freely & invisibly in water without separating or coagulating: because nanoemulsion droplets of CBD oil are so incredibly tiny, they can  pass though the mucous membranes of your mouth & esophagus and go directly into your bloodstream — just like a virus. Normal CBD oil tinctures are mostly absorbed through your small intestine. It can take anywhere for 30 minutes to 2 hours for cannabinoids to reach your intestines after you swallow it. Even then, only a small percentage will get absorbed.

Absorption Rate Affects CBD Potency More than Dose

It no longer matters so much how many milligrams of CBD are in the bottle: what percentage of it actually gets into your blood is far more important. Regular CBD has similar oral bioavailability to THC: 6% when orally administered [R]. The absorption is slow and unpredictable. Another study found a variable absorption rate of 4 to 12% [R].

Nanoemulsified products have much lower doses of CBD / Hemp extract than you would expect. I tried a Nano-CBD product with only 6mg per dose. But the effect was much stronger than I expected because nanoemulsified CBD has exceptionally high bioavilibility.

How Nanoemulsified CBD Oil is Made?

A nanoemulsion is made by “blasting” a mixture of CBD oil, an emulsifier, and a carrier liquid (water, alcohol, etc) with an ultrasounic processing machine to make tiny bubbles. Through a phenomena called acoustic cavitation, the high-pitched sound makes bubbles briefly grow and then implode with violent intensity into extremely tiny droplets of CBD oil so small that you’d need an electron microscope to see them. The image below is oversimplified but it demonstrates the physics of liquid pressure change creating bubbles & then shrinking them:
image: sonomechanics
The higher the amplitude of the ultrasound, the higher the cavitation — and the smaller the oil particles that get created. The smaller these sub-microscopic oil droplets (“nano-cannabinoids”) are and the more stable the liquid preparation… the higher quality of the finished product. So not all nanoemulsified CBD products are the same. The quality and effect will vary from lab to lab, company to company — and a lot depends on the quality of the lab processing equipment and the chemistry of the emulsifiers and surfactant used.  The highest quality Nanoemulsified CBD oil typically has droplets sized between 20 and 200 nanometers.

Is Nanoemulsified CBD Oil “Water Soluble”?

No. Despite what some marketers claim, oil and water cannot mix, even if they are treated with powerful ultrasound waves. A better term for nanoemulsified CBD is “water compatible” — the submicroscopic droplets of oil & emulsifier bonded together are floating around in a solution that looks clear to the naked eye.

Other terms used for high-absorption CBD are: liposomal, water compatiblemicro emulsions, and micellized. These all have slightly different connotations and can refer to different manufacturing processes – but they all describe a somewhat similar technology that involves small drops of oil in water.

How Do I Use Nanoemulsified CBD Oil?

Swish it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds – or as long as you wish to before swallowing. Or you can throughly rub it onto any area of thin skin (forearms, chest, stomach). It will find a way through your soft tissues and into your blood.  You should notice the effects of the nano-CBD within minutes, rather than hours.

What Does Nano-CBD Feel Like?

It provides fast-acting, deep & long-lasting relief of my endocannabinoid deficiency symptoms.  I feel calmer, more relaxed, less pain and I sleep better on nano-CBD than I do with normal CBD.  It hits me within 5 minutes of taking an oral tincture — and peaks from about 1 to 5 hours after dosing and it gradually trails off where I’m back to baseline after about 8 hours. It really does seem to get the medicine into my blood and right to my cannabinoid receptors —  as well as the studies claim. After discovering nano-CBD my interest in full spectrum tinctures, isolates, flowers & waxes has declined. All these methods seem dirty or messy (like flowers or vaping) or else only offer short-term or partial relief. Nano-CBD  is subjectively richer and more palliative, I am completely convinced of the claims that cannabinoids are more effective in nano form.

My 3 “Next Level” Experiences with CBD Products

In my 6 years of taking CBD, I’ve had 3 “breakthrough” experiences with new classes of products:
  1. The first plateau was when I tried first generation CBD extracts made from imported Chinese hemp stalks in 2013: the effect was slight, but there was a noticeable calming effect. Wow, it works!
  2. The second level was the first time I tried a high potency (1000mg, lab tested) CBD tincture from 4 Corners Cannabis in 2015. It had such noticeable calming effects that I felt slightly depersonalized due to the lack of anxious “chatter” in my mind, but I quickly adjusted and loved it.
  3. The 3rd plateau of relief was attained with nanoemulsified CBD products in 2018. These nano-CBD products seem to really “hit the spot,” and provide a deeper sense of relief than any traditional methods of cannabis ingestion.

What Are the Advantages of Nanoemulsified CBD oil?

  • Smokeless & coughless – zero stress on the lungs
  • Potent – lower doses of CBD can have much stronger effects
  • Long lasting – I take it twice daily for complete relief
  • Fast acting – Enters your blood and starts to work within minutes
  • Versatile – Can be mixed into water, food and other beverages
  • Discreet – Can be formulated to not look, smell or taste like cannabis

What are the Disadvantages of Nanoemulsified CBD Oil?

  • Nano-CBD is currently far more expensive than normal CBD oil.
  • It offers more dramatic relief, but there is a chance of a stronger “rebound effect” where anxiety comes back when it wears off.
  • It’s new, there are relatively few brands and none of them are established or highly reviewed yet.
  • Because it’s so potent the risk of CBD side effects is greater with nano-CBD, so it should be used cautiously & conservatively until you are certain how a particular product affects you. The first time I tried nano-CBD a friend gave me the “full recommended dose” listed on the bottle and it was so strong it pleasantly surprised me. I enjoyed the effects but after several hours I felt an unexplained depression. I’m pretty sure it was a side effect from the CBD depressing my nervous system. The next time, I used less than 1/4 of the recommended dose and I had no issues.
  • Product purity is more important. The Nano-CBD oil is very highly and throughly absorbed directly into your blood —  any toxins, pesticides, metals or solvents in the oil will be highly absorbed, too.
Keep out of reach of children and use with care. Please post your experiences with nanoemulsified CBD in the comments below!

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Brett Borders is a natural health coach specializing in stress-related issues such as anxiety, fatigue & PTSD. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you could use help getting your life and health back! You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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